Do you know why I write poetry about you?

Do you know why I write you into stories?
Do you know why I send you songs?

you are the poem
you are the prose
you are the music.
And I have to try to show you how beautiful you are.

You are more alluring the the most inspired painting.
More enticing than the words of hundreds of bards.
More resplendent than the greatest symphonies.

Thats why....

Do you know XXXXX?
Do you know really?
Do you know how lucky I am?

Blue Eyes.mp3

 Constant Thoughts of You 

By Keith for XXXXXXX

I wait and hope the wind to cease
A time to make it through
It never brings its sweet relief
These constant thoughts of you

I set my gaze into the night
The stars with such bright hue
I pray and wish with all my might
Came constant thoughts of you
I thought my heart I had to shield
No wounds would I go through
Yet smile and precious face I yield
My constant thoughts of you

So now I sit my soul to weep
The pain of which I’m due
My heart that feels my love so deep
With constant thoughts of you
My passion, my longing to cease I pray
Your heart for him is true
Yet still my love eternally stays
By constant thoughts of you


 Not the brightest crayon? 

No you are deeper colors, you are like Violet the color of Royalty for the way you walk your life even in difficulty. Like a Princess in beauty and regal carriage. Even in pain, in disappointment and insult you walk like a lady. 

You are Ruby and the depth of passion that can burn in a woman's heart, you and sensuous and warm. 

You are a crystal blue for you bring comfort and refreshment to others because of your care and willingness to help. 

You are Dark Brown for the warmth and comfort of a loving mothers arms like a blanket around her children and the sweetness of chocolate to their lives. 

And you are Evergreen for you brought new life to me and make my life fresh and alive. 

With out you the box is not incomplete. Without you it has no color at all. For you are all beauty and all that is wonderful.

That's what I wanted to write!!!!!

By : Author Unknown  

I never felt a love,

Like this before,
It's a love like no other,
Something I have always hoped for
A love with friendship ,
Humour and heart,
A bond so strong,
It would never part
A love that makes you smile,
From ear to ear,
A love that is joyful,
Without any fear
A love that is beautiful,
From the inside out,
A love with no tears,,
Pain, or doubt
A love with soul,
So tender and true,
A love that I have found,
Only in you...

Within Her 


 By Keith Johnson

She shines within her darkness

Deranged world ‘round her spits

Of lies that she a mere thing be upon her heart torments


She shines within her darkness

Savage, he seeks to crush

The brightness her amazing beauty within destroying touch


She shines within her darkness

As demon doth shackle her soul

Make awful those things should blessings be her body he doth control


She shines within her darkness

No kindness he speaks only doom

Her soul already lamenting and condemned into this room


She shines within her darkness

Found joy; without his say

He now with gaping gurgling throat will make her body pay


She shines within her darkness

“Let’s play” vile words drip and base

Repulsive creature never sees the pain upon her face


She shines within her darkness

His vile heart’s narcissistic need

To tempt her mind to drink the bile that she caused mortal bleed


She shines within her darkness

Unclothing for his lust heaving

He looks in hideous pride her naked form revealing


She shines within her darkness

Laying prostrate as if dead

He leaps upon to get what’s due upon his torture bed


She shines within her darkness

“Kiss me” his gall demands

She with staring and pooling eyes obeys his cruel commands


She shines within her darkness

“Love you” spews his avarice breath

She weeps alone for love not hers within this living death


She shines within her darkness

Years pass in gluttonous hate

Until she starts believing that this her proper fate


She shines within her darkness

He engluts his lust tonight

Yet she in luminous glowing prevails within her beauty’s might


She shines within her darkness

Her strength I yearn to know!

To free her loving yet wounded spirit from beneath his heinous blow


She shines within her darkness

Still angelic face I see

Her sad smile convicts me even more how great my failure be


She shines within her darkness

Though beast is unrelenting

I fight to save her heart and mind; Love true and never ending.


 I love you XXXX

I wish there were words 
Just for you, some magical way to say what has never been said.
Some way that I could say that I love you that had never been uttered.
For I love you in a place where there are no words.
Maybe they are found in my eyes, 
maybe in my touch.
Maybe they can only be known when it is all said 
and done 
and you hear in the middle of your soul 
the eternal words 
"I love you"

The Eternal Moments

By Keith for XXXX

A moment,
In time passing before it’s begun
A flicker of flame, twinkling light

A moment,
How quickly in life shall pass
From man’s so mortal fight

A moment,
Brief now and shorter still
Though clung with all my might

A moment,
Fleeting, succinct may be,
Eternal! When not my love in sight lady....My hearts cherished moments and eternal longing.  



By Keith for XXXXXX

In mire and dirt weighed down my soul a worm to earth laden
Never to know the ways of things freed from muddy prisons
I wrapped my self inside hardened shells keeping my heart encrusted
Never to hurt intended to protect my pain cocooned but hidden
But then your love with warming effect inside my prison cell
Cracked my walls thawing frozen soul breaking my jailed spirit
With your love's shining beams I'm free to take my flying
 on winds of love you've given
Beautiful strong colors blazing they beat and pull me higher your love has given life to me!
For you are my... 

02/04/2011 Or first meeting.


By Keith forXXXXXXX

 With the morn you are my first

My strength, my hope, my breath

With the midday you are my first
My refreshing, my longing, my companion

With the evening you are my first
My need, my desire, my longing.

With the night you are my first
My dreams, my fantasy, my love.

In so many ways you are my first
And this only touches the surface of what you mean to me
And ways that you are my first through out the day.
So no, you are most definitely not always second. 
Not at all.
I love you XXXXXX

 Waiting in a dream
By Keith for XXXXXX

With my dream she comes to me
Like a breeze on a warm summers day
Her hair like sunlight, bright glistening locks
Flowing brook in a golden display
With my dream she beckons me
Like the pull of earth, my soul
Her face compels me with its grace
A force I cannot control

With my dream she tempts me
A flame of craving and want
Her body ignites my coldest thought
It smoldering with licentious haunt

With my dream I am taunted
With life’s cruelest of chance
To want my beloved’s touch, caress
But now in absent trance
With my dream I come in love
To wait at deathly pace
To feel the beat of livened heart
When appears my lady’s face.


By Keith for XXXXXX

 How could I live without you?

How could my heart find rhythm?
How would my chest find breath?
How would my eyes see beauty?
If my life did not have you.
How could I live without you?
How could my mind find muse?
How would my soul find solace?
How would my arms find strength?
If my life did not have you.
How could I live without you?
How could my laughter come?
How would my tears fall sweetly?
How would my kisses find use?
If my life did not have you.
How could I live without you?
The answer is easy to see.
How could I live without you?
If you did not love me?
The truth is clear and visible
No life  at all indeed I find….If  I did not have you.
July 5, 2011

How Can It Be?

By Keith for XXXX

 How can it be, that it has been so long?

That I have not told you of my love?

How can it be, that I have neglected,
To let you know my longing and need?

How can it be, that each day my life; saved,
I let pass the chance to praise you?

How can it be, that with each breath I yearn?
But never my beloved lady know?

How can it be that you love me?
Yet I so flippant be?

How can I stop telling you?
How much you mean to me?  

 Good Morning my Love,

By Keith for XXXXXX

How do I write to you today?
How do I find the words you have not already heard?
How do I let you know how much I love you?
Or long to hear your voice or see your face?
How do I assure you that you are my breath in the morning
And my blissful sigh at night?
How do I capture the ache in my heart and the burn in my soul when I think of you?
How can I make it new?

Words fail and my mind cannot comprehend a way to let you know how much I love you.
So all I can do is tell you again.
I love you.

 Her Eyes

By Keith 

How deep is blue?
What fathom does it hold?
As deep as moments or wisps of eternity

How deep is blue?
As deep as a heart beat or wide as a soul

How deep is blue?
As deep as hope or high as dreams

How deep is blue?
As deep as longing or long as life

How deep is blue?
As deep as her eyes, and the depths of my love


How deep is blue?

So hard to know?

                                A mystery to find?


But all is known 

in my sweet XXXX eyes.

 The Journey

By Keith Johnson


Blinded with loneliness

On jagged streets of numbing pain

Dragging my soul in crimsoned dress

Shackled life; hopeless despair.


Brilliant azure beams of light

My path leads further still

But gait and stride with lighter pace

Her heart compels me on


Flaxen waves of silken tress

My course with wings now fly

Soaring through unhindered heights

Freeing smile she life ignites


Yet with a kiss my journey ends

Her force with ardent might

 Consummated quest; time halts passing

Paradise found, her arms ever resting

Together we are whole....

By Keith for XXXXXX 

 With each breath I love you.

Longing to kiss your lips
Each heartbeat I need you.
My all into you slips

I must find you
I must let you know
I must be with you
I must in love let grow

Your "broken spirit" 
Fits perfectly my "darkened soul"
That together I am alive.
Together we are whole.


With the Morning
By Keith for XXXXXX

The suns bright beams of  flowing gold
Azure hue of crystal sky
The gentle breeze upon my face
Sweet beauty before my eyes

Your flaxen locks they bring the sun
Your eyes my indigo sky
Your breath like breeze to fevered brow
God's beauty before my eyes.

And as I sleep at end of day
The heavens seem dim to me
Without your star lit eyes to gaze
Some day my hopes will be


By Keith for XXXXXX

For her my soul hungers

To hear her laughter sing

To feel heights of joy which she

To me her mirth does bring


For her my heart hungers

To hear her love for me

To feel the balm to pain they cause

To me  her affections be


For her my body hungers

To kiss her beauty I’m yearning

To feel her passions erotic touch

To me my desire so burning


For her my life hungers

To find my mortal breath

To feel alive within her arms

To consume my essences depth


For her is all I hunger

To know forever her love

To always have her in my life

To me are wings to rise above


For her I have a hunger

To famish for her not belonging

To starve without her presence

To save me my life’s longing.


By : Cristy Smith 

The first time we met, I could see,

That you and I, were meant to be.,
Your eyes were so gentle, your smile so true,
When you first held my hand, I just knew.

Now the time has gone by, through laughter and tears,
These days I shall cherish, for years upon years.,
Those memories we have, shall never fade,
For those are the steps, that we have made.

That was the past, the future is near,
I anxiously wait, for what will appear.
New homes, more laughter, and children so dear,,
Everything will be wonderful, as long as you are near.

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